Dazzle is a voice-activated personal assistant. It sits in the hotel bedroom and uses a hybrid of Artificial Intelligence and the human brain to answer guest queries.

Ask Dazzle a simple question, such as tomorrow’s weather or the time, and it will respond immediately using AI. Ask a complex question of Dazzle, like organising one-to-one yoga session, and it will send a message to guest services who will clarify or complete the request.

The system is designed so the guest gets a service that seems to be delivered by a digital assistant. However, as it is augmented by hotel staff, the level of service delivered is far beyond what is possible using today’s technology. Adding integration into a guest’s mobile phone, Dazzle can provide guest services at an unpreceded level throughout the stay, in and off premises.

Why they were selected

The developments in voice-activated interfaces and artificial intelligence over the past 12 months have been clear to see, with most tech giants (Amazon, Apple and Google at the forefront) releasing consumer-facing products. There is a big opportunity within the travel and hospitality sector to differentiate and drive improved guest experience by leveraging such technologies. Dazzle provides the ideal test solution that can be flexible enough to be incorporated both within a single hotel and more extensively.

We caught up with Dazzle at our London pitch day:

So, who are Dazzle?

We are Charlie Cadbury (commercial), Cheyne Cole (product) and Rob Preus-MacLaren (technical). Dazzle, itself, is a voice-activated, AI-powered concierge for the service industry. We’re currently using Amazon’s Alexa to bring together multiple different communication channels to offer a seamless in-room and out-of-hotel guest experience.

How long has Dazzle been around?

Dazzle is a pretty new actually. Just a month ago, we started the conversation and we’ve worked flat out to flesh out what it would be. We’ve been thinking about it for a long time, carrying out research and targeting, and decided Dazzle is where we want to put our talents and efforts.

How was your pitch?

It was our first pitch, the first time in front of the camera. The most scary thing is trying to get a live tech demo to work, but Alexa behaved herself and we got some really interesting questions from the panel.

What would it mean to you to partner up with Marriott?

So, we spoke about what our core pillars for the business are and the strongest pillar we see is partnerships. We don’t have all the answers to where this new technology can go, we don’t have all the routes to market. We’re looking for the right partner to make this a great success. So, Marriott, having the reach that they have, is the perfect partner.