Jambo is a location-based mobile platform that enables business professionals to connect and network. It offers a unique opportunity to the hospitality sector as it allows business travellers to connect with like-minded professionals while on their travels. It also offers hotels the opportunity to promote local events and encourage social meetings inside hotels, bringing guests out of their bedrooms to use the full services on offer.

Why they were selected

Hotels need to do more to promote an enhanced guest experience if they are to remain competitive in the market place. Millennials are changing the way professionals travel on business. They don’t only want a bed for the night, but expect to feel as connected to the people and environment around them. Jambo offers a great opportunity for Marriott to enhance the role of a hotel and turn it into an enabler of meetings tailored to business travellers.

We caught up with Dazzle at our London pitch day:

So, who are Jambo?

I’m Laura Stembridge, founder and CEO of Jambo, which means “hello” in Swahili. Jambo is a mobile-first, location-based platform that enables business travellers to connect with each other in the hotels they are staying in. Our mission is to make business travel a lot more social and bring like-minded people together – socially or professionally – so they can have a better business experience.

How did Jambo come about?

We’ve all been there on business travel –more often than not, you end up in your hotel room having room service and watching TV or working. You’re in a strange city, it gets to 8 o’clock and you’re twiddling your thumbs – what do I do? As millennials, we want to go out and explore, discover a restaurant, have a few drinks in the bar and relax after a busy day, but we don’t know anyone to do that with. So, when you come to the hotel, you’d download Jambo, join the Marriott tribe and start connecting with people.

How did the presentation go?

The judges seemed to really like it. They talked about how it would actually work, logistically, within Marriott. We haven’t done something like this yet, so we didn’t have a firm answer for that. Being part of this programme will, hopefully, enable us to work with Marriott and work out exactly how it is going to look and feel to the user and what process will that follow.

What would it mean to partner with Marriott?

It would be the most amazing opportunity for us. Months and months of hard work and we finally see it getting somewhere now. We’ve pivoted from a different concept to where we are now, have a new platform going live and to have such a well-known, established brand partnering with us would be amazing.